Make a difference one child at a time

During a recent visit to Togo, after handing out school supplies for the 2013 back to school campaign, the Principal of ‘’Ecole Primaire Publique de Daviemodji N: 2’’ , Mr Sedrzo expressed his deepest gratitude for everything that the Blossom World is doing in the community. After his speech Mr Sedrzo asked his 6th grade students if any of them had anything they wanted to say. It was at that time that KOUNOU Kossi, one of the students, raised his hand and asked to speak. The young man, without hesitation, told audience that he will not be going to 7th grade next year, when asked why, he said because he doesn’t have a birth certificate and without a birth certificate he will not be allowed to take the national exam (certificat d’etude du premier cycle) to enter 7th grade (middle school). He told a story about his life and family and how his family has been struggling to make ends meet. Touched by the story the president of the Blossom World promised that she would do whatever it took for Kossi to get his birth certificate and tests for the national exam. With less than $100.00 the Blossom World was able to sponsor Kossi throughout the school year, worked with the local officials to get him a birth certificate and paid for tutoring. At the end of the school year Kossi took the national certificate with great success and is now in 7th grade. We are so proud of Kossi for raising his hand and telling us about his struggles. There is a chance KOUNOU Kossi could become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer who knows… whatever it is, he has been given the chance to be successful and he will never forget people like you who made a difference in his life.

Unfortunately there are so many Kossi out there. One will probably drop out of school by the end of this week. One will probably choose to stay home and help his grandmother care for his younger brothers and sisters or another might stay to help his grandpapa on his farm. Later in life they will probably end up on the street. The challenge is big….. Together we can make a difference.

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