The latest edition of the Global Education Digest reveals that Africa has the world’s highest drop-out rate. 42% of African school children will drop out of school, with about one in six leaving before Grade 2. Many of these children are forced to drop out because they come from very poor households and the parents, if they are still alive, have no means what so ever to send them to school, keep them there, give them a fair chance to succeed, or be competitive in the local job market. Drop-out rates are even higher in countries such as Chad, Togo, and Uganda just to name a few.

In countries such as Togo, a child starting school today can expect to spend two or three years repeating a primary grade. The correlation between grade repetition and the drop rate out has been proven time and time again.

At the Blossom World one of our goals is to identify children who have the will and the drive to study and be successful at school, but do not have the support they need to reach their full potentials. We feel strongly that we are who we are today and where we are today because somebody stood up and did something for us. In the same spirit we will do as much as we can to support these children reach their full potential. As we are doing already in Tsevie, we will find those kids and give them the support that they need to be successful. We will provide:

  • School supplies
  • Teaching supplies
  • Books
  • Tuitions and exams fees
  • Scholarship