This is an empowerment program to engage our youth in the development of their communities.

The goals of this program are:

To inform: we inform students of their roles and rights so they can become better advocates for themselves, and their education in order to enjoy better health and plan a brighter future.

To mobilize: we encourage students to identify needs or problems in their community, and then identify ways to address these issues.

To equip: we teach social entrepreneurship and values-based leadership skills to students, we assist them to develop a project to address the issue from the vision phase to the evaluation phase.

To achieve these goals, we create the Club JEDEC (Jeunes Engagés pour le Dévelopment de la Communauté), French version of youth engaged for the development of the community to allow students to meet and engage in open forum with their peers. We encourage our young people to work side-by-side with leaders of local community organizations, community business representatives.