Benjamin Messan Kinvi is professor at University of Kara (Togo).

Mr Benjamin Kinvi is currently a professor of  mathematics, statistics,and general economics at University of Kara (Togo). Benjamin is a graduate from the University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) with a PhD in Environment Economics. He also teaches at "Ecole Nationale des Auxiliaires Medicaux de Kara" and " Institut Superieur de Gestion Mgr Bakpessi de Kara".

He is very interested in development and environmental questions. Benjamin participated in several training in environment and development that reinforced and validated his expertise in these fields as fellow of Lead International. Benjamin has been a choir master for many years. His conviction is that everyone must have the right to achieve their dreams no matter how big they are. He believes that his conviction and expertise will be helpful in fulfilling the mission and the purposes of the Blossom World.