Essi Havor: President

Essi currently lives and practices as an Advanced Public Health Nurse in Houston, Texas, where she works with young women and their families to improve maternal and child health outcomes. Through partnership with community agencies, she works to eliminate perinatal hepatitis B infections in the community, increase immunization rates, and reduce vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Todd Mercural-Chapman

Todd Mercural-Chapman : Vice President

Todd is the Program Manager for the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands where he provides training and resources for nonprofit capacity building.

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Komlan Sogbadji : Treasurer

Komlan Sogbadji has an extensive background in the banking and financial industry.

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Secretary: Juliette Gbeteglo

Juliette Gbeteglo lives and practices in Omaha, Ne currently works as Registered-Nurse at Alegent – Creighton Health Immanuel Medical Center,in Omaha, NE.

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Seth Havor: Executive Director

Born and raised in Togo, West Africa, Seth has a Bachelor's degree in Management from the University of Lome.

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Leon Komlan Togbedji

Leon Komlan Togbedji has more than 9 years in the IT field.

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Benjamin Messan Kinvi

Benjamin Messan Kinvi is professor at University of Kara (Togo).

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