The Blossom World Inc. is a newly founded not-for-profit organization in Omaha, Nebraska. Since 2011, a group of passionate young professionals, through informal meetings, discussed the health and social conditions of their brothers and sisters in Togo.

The review of 2010 health statistical profile report on Togo, published by the World Health Organization (WHO), revealed that this country is far from reaching its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Moreover, that a high number of women continue to die from childbirth: 300 deaths per 100,000 live births; and the current child mortality rate is 103 deaths per 1,000 children under five years of age (WHO, 2012).

Through this assessment, The Blossom World Inc. was officially founded in 2013. The ultimate goal of the Organization is to improve the health and the socio-economic conditions of all individuals, especially women, young girls and children living in Togo.

There are a multitude of interventions and programs used to improve the social and health conditions of individuals around the world. However, we are committed to using evidence-based interventions that are simple and cost-effective. Such as good preconception, prenatal and postnatal care, education to promote healthy practices for pregnant women and their families, and improving the education level of women and young girls. One single intervention is not effective and adequate to ensure women and children’s health; therefore we are focusing on three major approaches:

Ø  Education

Ø  Health & Nutrition

Ø  Community development


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