We embrace these principles to ensure that we work together effectively and efficiently to improve women and children’s health:

  •            Collaboration: we will form effective partnerships to serve our community.
  •            Integrity: we will be trustworthy ,which will be reflected in what we do, how we do it, and what we say. We will work hard to serve our community
  •           Accountability: we are responsible for our individual and collective actions, to our external and internal colleagues, and the community we serve and work with.
  •           Commitment: we are dedicated to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Organization. We are willing to improve what we do, how we do it, make changes  in order to achieve our goals
  •           Holistic Approach: we promote women and children’s health by addressing the social determinant of health, and by providing a continuum of care and services
  •           Women-centered services: women and young girls are the focus of our services and programs